Annual Meeting

2023 CSBS Annual Meeting

Our next annual meeting is set for May 27–29, 2023. This meeting will be held in-person as a part of the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, which is being hosted by York University.

To see the final programme for the 2023 annual meeting, click here!

If you have paid your 2023 membership fees or have submitted a paid application to become a new member, you are eligible to register for and to attend the annual meeting. To renew membership online, please access the CSBS website ( If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Treasurer & Membership Secretary, Laura Hare ( For questions about login credentials, contact Communications Officer, Matthew Thiessen ( For questions concerning the programme, please contact Programme Co-ordinator, Ken Ristau (

Please consider a donation this year to the Dietmar Neufeld Student Travel Fund, the link for which ( is found on the renewals page of our website. Your support can help offset the (often high) travel costs for student members who will present papers or prepared responses at future in-person events. Many of us have benefited from travel support in the past, so if you are able, please do consider even a modest donation to the Travel Fund this year.


At this time we are also accepting nominations for the Norman E. Wagner Award. This award recognizes and supports research initiatives that rely on the expertise and collaboration of one or more members of the CSBS and may include non-member experts from other disciplines. Projects that represent significant disciplinary innovation without direct collaboration of researchers will also be considered.

The CSBS Executive is also sharing information on the Sir Robert Falconer Award.  The Falconer Award is named after the founding President of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. Its purpose is to assist Society members’ research, by providing $1500.00 to support a limited period of time at a study centre, library, museum, or archaeological excavation appropriate to biblical studies and relevant to their research. Given uncertainties around travel in the near future, the CSBS Executive will determine the feasibility of this award in the 2023 year and communicate accordingly. The deadline for this prize is currently set as May 15, 2023.  


The CSBS continues to depend on regular donations from its members to sustain the health of the society. This is more important than ever, since SSHRC funding to support student travel was withdrawn in 2012. Hence, your donations to the CSBS’s Dietmar Neufeld Student Travel Fund, matter now more than ever. Please consider a donation via the link on our CSBS web page ( On this page, donations to support our other worthy funds (such as prize monies for our Book Awards) are also welcome; please see the tab ‘make a donation to the CSBS’ and specify how you would like your donation directed.  In light of this, at some point in the next few months you may receive a letter from our President encouraging you to donate to our special funds earmarked for prizes, special lectures, publications, and travel needs for those students whose institutions cannot support them. Please do consider the request seriously. The society is in adequate financial shape in terms of its ability to meet general costs, thanks to the efforts of many of its members over the years, and also thanks to previous society Treasurers and the Endowment Committee, chaired by Bob Derrenbacker (other members include Wayne McCready and Richard Ascough, in addition to the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer & Membership Secretary). An increase in travel and operational costs, however, in combination with a tightening of the purse strings at SSHRC, means that member support is more important than ever.  Your help would be very much appreciated.

For the programmes of previous annual meetings, please consult our online archives here!