The Craigie Lecture

Lecture History

The Craigie Lecture is held bi-annually during the CSBS Annual Meeting. It is named after Dr. Peter Craigie, who died tragically in a car accident in 1985 at the age of 47. He was much beloved by his colleagues at the University of Calgary and died while Vice-President Academic of the University of Calgary and President of the CSBS.

During his abbreviated academic career, Craigie authored seven books and over forty articles. Following his death, funds were raised by the CSBS, with the support of his family, in order to sponsor public lectures by scholars of international stature.

For an academic biography of Craigie, memorials, and bibliography of his writings, see:

Previous Craigie Lecturers

  • 2019: Marvin A. Sweeney, “Rethinking Samuel.”
  • 2017: Stanley Stowers, “What Was the Goal of Paul’s Religious Program?”
  • 2015: H.G.M. Williamson, “In the Shadow of S.R. Driver: A Centennial Appreciation.”
  • 2011: John J. Collins, “New Perspective on the Sect of the Dead Sea Scrolls.”
  • 2009: Amy-Jill Levine, “Resurrecting Late Judaism: Archaeology, Analysis, and Apologetic.”
  • 2007: Mark S. Smith, “God in Translation: Cross-Cultural Recognition of Deities in the Biblical World.”
  • 2005: Paula Fredriksen, “Mandatory Retirement: Ideas in the Study of Christian Origins whose Time has Come to Go.”
  • 2003: Phyllis Byrd, “‘Sacred Prostitution’ in History and Rhetoric: Constructing the Religious World of the Hebrew Bible.”
  • 2001: James M. Robinson, “The Historical Jesus, Q and Nag Hammadi.”
  • 1999: James Kugel, “You’re Killing Me With Kindness, or, A Modest Proposal Concerning the Teaching of ‘Introduction to the Old Testament’.”
  • 1997: Wayne Meeks, “Judaism, Hellenism and the Birth of Christianity.”
  • 1995: Carol Newsom, “The Book of Job and the Remaking of the Moral Imagination.”
  • 1993: John Dominic Crossan, “Jesus as Peasant.”
  • 1991: Meir Sternberg, “The Code of Double Refusal in the Bible.”
  • 1989: Krister Stendahl, “From History of Salvation to Wisdom Common and Eternal.”
  • 1987: John H. Yoder, “‘Holy War’ Among the Ancient Hebrews.”