Physical Archives

The official CSBS Archive is located at the Queen’s University Archives in Kingston, Ontario. The collection of materials dates back to 1933 and includes the constitution, Annual General Meeting minutes, financial statements, programs, and copies of the CSBS Bulletin. Later copies of the Bulletin incorporate the Annual General Meeting minutes and financial statements (although a few volumes of the Bulletin are missing). The Archive can be accessed by appointment for consultation or photocopying. Circulating originals is not permitted.

Published Histories

John Macpherson’s 1962 Presidential Address, “A History of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies,” explored historical development of CSBS. Originally published in the 1967 Bulletin, the address was annotated by Peter Richardson for online publication. For a historical overview of CSBS through the 1970s, see John S. Moir, A History of Biblical Studies in Canada: A Sense of Proportion (SBLBSNA 7; Chico: Scholars Press, 1980).

Online Archives

The following includes PDF programs for past Annual Meetings. Programs prior to 1991 are available in the CSBS Archives at Queen’s University.