Founders Prize

Le Prix des Fondateurs/The Founders Prize

Lauréats des années passées/Previous Winners:

  • 2020: Julie Dykes (McMaster Divinity College):
    “The Genre and Metaphorical Layers of the Song of the Vineyard (Isa 5:1-7)”
  • 2019: not awarded
  • 2018: Dylan Johnson (New York University):
    “The Ruah-Yahweh as Melammu?: The Warrior Tradition in the book of Judges and its Mesopotamian Parallels”
  • 2017: Michael B. Johnson (McMaster University):
    “One Text or Three? A Proposal for a Continuous Reading of 1QS-1QSa-1QSb”
  • 2016: Ambrose Thompson (McMaster Divinity College):
    “Dwelling Among Them: The Tabernacle as a Confession of the Redemptive Presence of Yahweh.”
  • 2015: Alexander W. Breitkopf (McMaster Divinity College):
    “The Importance of Response in the Interpretation of Job”
  • 2014: John Screnock (University of Toronto):
    “On the Overlap of Translation and Transmission: Intralingual Translation in the Transmission of Hebrew Bible Manuscripts”
  • 2013: Emily Wilton (Huron University College):
    “The Suffering Servant: A Case of Hidden Masculinity”
  • 2012: Ian Douglas Wilson (University of Alberta):
    “Tyre,a Ship: The Metaphorical World of Ezekiel 27 in Ancient Judah”
  • 2011: Frederick Tappenden (University of Manchester):
    “Imaging Resurrection: Toward an Image Schematic Understanding of Hellenistic Jewish Conceptualizations of Resurrection”
  • 2010: Eric R. Montgomery (McMaster University):
    “Divine Knowledge as a Requisite for Communion with the Angels”
  • 2009: Danielle Duperreault (McGill University):
    “The Poetics of History and the Prophecy of Deutero-Isaiah”
  • 2008: Heather Macumber (St. Michael’s College):
    “Zechariah 1-8: A Prophecy in Transition”
  • 2007: Mark Scott (Harvard University):
    “The Wisdom of Silence: Job and the Mystery of Suffering”
  • 2006: Paul S. Evans (Wycliffe College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Sennacherib’s 701 Invasion into Judah: What Saith the Scriptures?”
  • 2005: Ellen White (University of St. Michael’s College):
    “Motherhood and the Line of Promise: The Importance of Women in the Founding Family Narratives”
  • 2004: Kenneth A. Ristau (University of Alberta):
    “Breaking Down Unity: An Analysis of 1 Chronicles 21:1-22:1”
  • 2003: Lissa Wray Beal (Wycliffe College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Evaluating Jehu: Narrative Control of Approval and Disapproval in 2 Kings 9 and 10”
  • 2002: Ken Penner (McMaster University):
    “The Fate of Josephus’s Antiquitates Judaicae 13.171-173: Ancient Judean Philosophy in Context”
  • 2000: Daniel Smith (Wycliffe College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “The ‘Assumption’ of the Righteous Dead in the Wisdom of Solomon and the Sayings Source Q”
  • 1998: David Bergen (University of Calgary):
    “Bakhtin Revisits Deuteronomy”
  • 1997: Nancie Erhard (Atlantic School of Theology):
    “Hosea 2: Descent and Recovery of the Feminine Divine”
  • 1996: Jane Webster (McMaster University):
    “Engendering Wisdom in Proverbs, Ben Sira and the Wisdom of Solomon”
  • 1995: Tyler Williams (Wycliffe College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “The Elohist Psalter and the Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms”
  • 1994: Sharon Lea Matilla (McMaster University):
    “Christo-Centric Participationist Apocalyptic Eschatology in 1 Corinthians 15”
  • 1993: Richard Ascough (University of St. Michael’s College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “From Isis to Jesus: The Formation of the Early Church at Philippi From a Women’s Voluntary Association”
  • 1992: Caroline Whelan (University of St. Michael’s College/Toronto School of Theology):
    Amica Pauli: The Role of Phoebe in the Early Church”
  • 1991: Robert MacKenzie (McGill University):
    “The Continuing Importance of the Grammatical and Stylistic Analysis of Hellenisitic Documents”
  • 1990: Jeffrey Weima (McMaster University):
    “The Function of the Law in Relation to Sin: An Evaluation of the View of H. Räisänen”
  • 1989: John L. McLaughlin (University of St. Michael’s College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Their Hearts Were Hardened: The Use of Isaiah 6:9-10 in the Book of Isaiah”
  • 1988: Michael Knowles (Wycliffe College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Moses, the Law and the Unity of 4 Ezra”
  • 1987: Wendy Cotter (University of St. Michael’s College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “The Young Man in the Tomb (Mark 16:5)”
  • 1986: Marion Finlayson (Yale University):
    “Jeremiah 45: The Problem of Placement”
  • 1985: David Diewert (University of Toronto) [first year offered]:
    “Job 7:12: YamTannim, and the Surveillance of Job”